The Magic in Thálassa (part 1): Gods and Prayers

Outlining a magic system for Thálassa proved to be more difficult than I had thought and is still giving me a hard time.

Catch that fish!

I have never fished, all the knowledge I have about it comes from movies and a wikihow guide I just read.

Solo RPG: playing on your own

And so you found yourself playing alone…. Maybe you bought yet another game, but no one wants to play it with you. Maybe you’re cooped up in your mountain cabin 50 kilometers away from the first city, with no stable connection, and on a cold and boring evening you get the urge to role-play…

The Cartography of Thálassa

As a veteran worldbuilder (you could say I mostly build worlds rather than writing about them in the last 20 years), usually my chain of thoughts are likely: idea -> concept -> outline -> worldbuilding. And then everything else.

Thálassa: a Greek Myths Cairn hack