Loner Assistant v0.6

A digital companion to Loner RPG

Loner is a bare-bone freeform solo RPG designed to play with a solo character in “narrative” mode. You’ll guide your character through the story that will unravel during the game, asking closed questions to an oracle who will assume the role of Game Master. Every now and then the game will surprise you when an unexpected plot twist happens!

Use the control buttons to invoke the Oracle. You can also generate a game prompt and the tone of the next scene to play

You can also keep track on the text editor below. It autosaves every 5 seconds

The complete ruleset is available on the website or on the itch.io page

Loner 2021 by Roberto Bisceglie is released under Creative Commons License Attribution 4.0

Story Dice make use of game-icons.net collection, released under Creative Commons License Attribution 3.0 Unported

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