Generic Immediate System for Tabletop

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GIST! FKR Edition

CC BY-SA 2021 by Roberto Bisceglie

This version of GIST! tries to be adherent to the general principle of Free Kriegsspiel Revolution: play worlds, not rules. So it is by design even more minimal and freeform than the “complete” edition.

Character Generation

Characters are describe by six stats:

  1. Might (MIG): physical prowess, power and strength.
  2. Agility (AGI): quickness, the ability of moving quickly and easily.
  3. Shape (SHA): physical resistance and ability to sustain stain and damage.
  4. Mind (MIN): the measure of intelligence, common sense and spiritual power.
  5. Knowledge (KNO): the measure of learning and experience.
  6. Personality (PER): emotional strength, personality and standing

Roll 2d6 for each and write down Bonus and Level. Ignore Mediocre Level Stats as they are average and do not grant any bonus. During the game, if circumstances impact negatively a character Stat, its score may temporary drop to a lower Level.

Stat Score Bonus Level
0 - 2 -2 Abysmal
3 - 5 -1 Poor
6 - 8 0 Mediocre
9 - 11 +1 Good
12 - 14 +2 Great
15 - 17 +3 Superb

Skills are a rough measure of a character’s competence. Any useful skill in a check grants a bonus equal to its score. The tone and the granularity of the skills list is determined by the Referee consistently with the chosen setting and genre.
Every time a skill is remarkably challenged by the circumstances, the Referee may grant an Advancement roll to the player, rolling against 8+. On success, that particular skill gains an additional level.

Skill Score Level
-1 Unskilled
0 Skilled
1 Competent
2 Professional
3 Veteran
4 Master

Choose three skills respectively of Competent, Professional and Veteran Level. Choose an occupation for the character. The character is able to do anything related to their occupation as a Skilled Level skill. Tools of the trade are also taken for granted. Choose two items as starting gear. Any useful item, for a task that requires a Check, grants a +1 bonus.
Give to the character a name and their age.

Task Resolution

Every action (including combat) in the game is a task. Most of them can be adjudicate from the context and how the player describes the character performing them.
Tasks are described narratively, but sometimes a check will be needed when the outcome is not obvious nor granted.
In those cases both the player and the referee roll 2d6 and add bonuses, re-rolling ties. If the player roll is the highest, actions succeeds.
A natural roll of 2 or 12 (without applying any bonus) is always a Critical Failure or Success.
Every character has 5 Hit Points. If they fail any dangerous task (as combat) then they lose 1 HP. When HPs drop to 0, the character is dead. Effectiveness and speed of healing are adjudicate in the narrative context of the game.